Maha Vinyasa Sadhana: Exploring the depths of your practice with awareness, devotion, and compassion

Deepen your practice with a class designed to open you to new areas of strength and flexibility.

With the mindfulness of postural integrity, specific alignment, and breath awareness balanced with the spirited nature of a devotional and dynamic movement practice, this class will open body, mind, and spirit.

These workshops begin with mantra chanting and then move through a series of postures using in a free form sequence.

They include various levels of postures to accommodate all levels of practitioners.
~At Least 6 months practice recommended
Thursday 23rd. of November
Masterclass: 18.30 – 20.30h
Kirtan: 20.45 – 22.00h
Signing up:
The workshop has reached the maximum number of students, sorry.
  • Masterclass €25,-
  • Kirtan: €10,-
  • Masterclass & Kirtan: €30,-