Personal growth

Coaching is a form of individual guidance, aimed at initiating and promoting personal growth. You can gain insight into your personal issue(s) by making contact with them in a safe and respectful way. Often these are old patterns that have been part of us for so long that we no longer know where they come from or how to deal with them.

Micha knows all too well from her own experience that these patterns or beliefs can get in the way quite a bit.
As a coach, Micha uses various methods and techniques in his coaching. Micha has followed a six-year training to become a Professional Coach at Licht & de Boer since 2006. He also attends annual training courses to keep his knowledge up to date and for his personal process.


After an introduction and an intake interview, you and Micha decide whether there is a connection between your needs and what Micha can do for you.

The intake interview lasts a maximum of 45 minutes.

If you decide to start a coaching process, agreements will be made in consultation. For example, it will be discussed how often you will see each other, and any other topics that may be of interest.

It can also happen that you prefer to work with another coach. Or that Micha thinks a different approach is better for you. He can refer you to several other coaches and counselors if you wish.

In addition to his practice in Haarlem, Micha also has a practice at his home in Eerbeek.

Hiking coaching

In Eerbeek there is the possibility for hiking coaching as Micha lives in the Veluwe forests.