Garmt Wiersma

I remember that as a teenager I was given a bracelet with the OM symbol on it, that fascinated me and then I started reading Herman Hesse’s Sittharta. I had a hard time fitting the teachings of Gautama the Buddha into my teenage life, as well as the yoga classes I took a few years later. When I went to my first yoga classes at the age of 16, I had a hard time understanding what I was doing. In our meditation club, my main interest was time, the clock. How can I stand this!

Only when I went on a trip to India via Greece and Turkey in 1996 did I meet an elderly Asthanga yoga teacher, who gave us yoga lessons on the beach. From then on my destination became: Yoga. In India, from Risikesh, Varanasi, Goa to Mysore, I met many interesting yoga teachers and some of them I still like to visit. After several vipasana meditation retreats, teacher training in ashtanga yoga, vinyasa flow and anusara yoga, practicing yoga and meditation is like a beacon of peace and a sense of coming home to life. No matter how hectic life may be, yoga helps put things into perspective, resulting in trust in a higher consciousness that we all share.

Garmt took the Yoga courses Flow & Vinyasa and did various teacher training with David Swenson, Nicole Decov, Rolf Naujokat Anat Geiger and Svaha Yoga Whenever he can, he takes classes and workshops from other teachers to broaden his knowledge and to be inspired . Garmt followed the Anusara Immersion with Jayendra Hanley in 2013.

“I enjoy sharing my enthusiasm in discovering the body, creating space to Be and step by step getting closer to conscious Being, the essence.”