Livia Tomasovszky

“Real yoga begins once you step off the yoga mat. “
Ask yourself this: by bringing the same amount of mindfulness, compassion, self-awareness, patience, willpower and focus – you normally have on your yoga mat – into your daily life, what could you achieve from there? This thought about yoga resonated with me from the beginning of my yoga journey.

What does this mean for me? How can I teach this to my students?
During my classes, I encourage my students not just to focus on the practice of Asana, “the physical yoga”, but the also what goes beyond that. How to breath with awareness and stay kind & loving towards yourself, by finding and respecting your boundaries, having some humour and being present in the moment. Every class I close with the practice of gratitude, to help us all bring more love and fulfillment to the lives we already have.

I believe understanding and accepting that yoga goes beyond our practice on the mat, is the first step to letting it enhance our lives.

My name is Livia Tomasovszky and I love to make people move, breathe and be in the moment. I enjoy creative fusions and to follow my intuition. I am a proud mom, a Health and Movement Coach; a certified fitness trainer, NASM personal trainer and a 300+ hour certified Vinyasa and Yin-Yang yoga teacher. As an entrepreneur I offer corporate vitality services, health coaching and yoga.

I completed my yoga teacher training in 2017 at the Nieuwe Yogaschool in Amsterdam.
My dharma and passion is to help those people, who are looking for ways to live healthier, want to deepen their presence in their daily lives and raise their consciousness. Who are working hard in the pursuit of success and looking for ways to find balance between the material and spiritual world, bringing more movement, love and awareness into their lives.