Tap into feelings of happiness, clarity and compassion in this Yin & Oils workshop build around the element Fire. Fire ignites all of life.

In this 2.5 hrs workshop we’ll go through relaxing yinposes, using the qualities of the oils to connect to the qualities of the Fire element. Be prompted by the oils to act on the rhythm of your heart. Let the fire energy inside spark you to be open and feel abundance. After the Yin class there’s time to smell the different aroma’s and even taste some!

Barbara and Hannah will guide you through an inner journey by exploring the body together with the natural aromas of oils that suit this season well.

 “Hannah discovered the healing support of natural essential oils for her own wellbeing journey and now likes to open up and share this emotional inspiration to others.”

When: Sunday 23rd of June 15.00 – 17.30h

Signing up: Transfer €30,- to de Yoga Tempel, account number NL96ABNA0493503307 pleaase mention your name and workshop.