Sound healing Workshop

Combining the deep, meditative Sound healing over 150 minutes, we experience great openings of the body and a spiritual connection to our inner self. Both chanting and Sound healing invoke our relaxation response by boosting PSN and immediately transforming our body and mind in their best balanced state.

 Through the healing sound and vibration of auspicious singing bowls which are hand made in Himalayas by using pure mixture of gold(Sun), silver(Moon), mercury, copper, iron, tin and lead, therefore creating highly transmitted frequency, we can purify our body and strengthen the innate recovery system.

 As our body is made of more than 60% water, the sound and vibration travel through our plasma and cells and work as energetic deep tissue massage. Sound healing will open, clear, and balance the chakras, whilst releasing blocked energy.

 Ultimately, this workshop is designed to support our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being, leaving us feeling balanced and refreshed.

What to exepct

– Deep level of relaxation and opening of body & mind
– Refreshing mental status, balancing hormonal release, releasing stress and
emotional blockage
– Improve sleep and ease anxiety
– Fuller breathing capacity
– Mental and spiritual uplifting and freedom

This workshop is open to ALL levels of practitioners. Beginners are welcome. No experience required.


Zondag 25 Februari van 15.30 – 18.00uur


Abonnementhouders krijgen 5 euro korting