Yoga Therapy

Are you experiencing physical discomfort in your body? Do you sometimes overreact to certain situations? Do you run into recurring patterns that get in your way? Are you stuck? With a yoga therapy session I like to guide you from stagnation (physically, emotionally or mentally) to healing & liberation. With yoga therapy we use the body as a guide towards insight and release. Instead of listening to your head, we allow the wisdom of your energy to speak, by following and paying attention to our body and the sensations in it. You give yourself time to stop, slow down and listen. And that space can start a healthy movement: from head to body, from head to heart.

When can yoga therapy be helpful?
Yoga therapy can be used for burn-out, being overworked, chronic stress, muscle & joint complaints,
trauma, hyperventilation, setting goals, anxiety.
Yoga therapy helps with:
– Releasing stress
– Increasing energy
– Living from balance and internal stability
– Improve flexibility in the body

What can you expect from a yoga therapy session?
A yoga therapy session varies each time. Depending on your question and situation, we adapt the
session to what is needed. It contains a mix of quiet movements and postures that you stay in longer:
we use postures from Yin yoga, Hatha yoga & Restorative yoga. We also draw from Yoga Nidra, Thai
yoga massage and meditation or breathwork with facilitation techniques, where we listen to a
situation or sensation in the body as a starting point and investigate them. Yoga therapy is an
accessible form of guided self-examination. Experience with yoga is not necessary.

About Barbara
Barbara has been immersing herself in yoga and consciousness development for more than 10 years
through her own practice, teaching yoga classes and following various courses in the field of yoga
(Vinyasa yoga, Yin yoga, Thai yoga massage, Yoga Nidra and yoga therapy) and consciousness
development & NLP ( practitioner, master practitioner & post master). After studying psychology for
several years and her career in media, she now focuses entirely on yoga and the path of physical,
energetic and mental well-being.

“In yoga therapy the different directions in the field of (body) awareness development that I have
studied and taught, come together. It combines my love for yoga and its effect on our ‘Being’ with my
fascination for the human being and the journey we take towards healing. And I very much like to
share that with you.”

Yoga therapy session in the Yoga Temple:
First session (incl. intake): €90 (approx. 1 ½ hours)
Possible follow-up session(s): €70 (1 hour) €90 (1 ½ hours)
Contact: or 06 – 2895 2117